For Body

For Body

Body skin Companion!

When applied to body skin, Mona Argan oil rapidly penetrates without leaving a greasy or shiny trace. In fact, its effect is completely the opposite as it leaves the skin soft with an extraordinary sensory feeling. As a body care product, the oil is ideal for massages. It provides:

  • an excellent anti-free radical effect that provides preventive anti-ageing care.
  • a nutritional effect on dry skin with a tendency to eczema by helping to restore the coetaneous barrier.
  • a regenerating ability for the care of stretch marks and cellulite that enhances healing.

Cellulite & stretch marks

Mona Argan oil is recommended to replace your usual beauty cream, it is viewed by beauticians as an upgrade to your traditional beauty cream because Mona Argan oil is a complete and yet 100% natural product. Effective in preventing stretch marks, it also restores elasticity to the skin and reduces those marks.
It is better to use Mona Argan oil regularly to preempt stretch marks especially during pregnancy. But it is never too late. Mona Argan oil can be massaged gently over stretch marks, and it will restore the elasticity of the skin and engulf the stretch marks.

Chest and breasts

Mona Argan Oil allows for a good maintenance of the skin of the breasts. It will help you have firmer, toned and moisturized breasts skin.

Discover your beauty…naturally.
Redefine your skin care regimen with the purest organic Argan oil.
Naturally rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.
Mona Argan oil helps to rejuvenate your body from head to toe.
Possibilities are endless, fight wrinkles, soothe dry skin, repair damaged hair..Reveal your natural radiance with Mona Argan oil!

Aging and Sagging Skin:

When we get older, the skin starts sagging. Yes, it’s not just wrinkles you have to worry about when you get older. You have probably heard many mature women blame everything on gravity but the truth is there are other factors involved in making the skin sag. Although the effects of aging would take over the skin in time, there are measures you can take to delay its onset.

How to apply:

  • Mona Argan oil can be used on the entire body. It will help moisturize and regenerate your skin, giving it a beautiful and natural glow.
  • Apply Mona Argan oil on your body before bed, after the bath or a peeling, gently massage into the skin while the skin is still damp.